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Perfect Terps Fertilizer was created with the mission to cut down production costs, Grow strong, Healthy and resistant plants that can withstand harsh conditions, pest infestation and disease and increase yields while enhancing the flavors and aromas, Terpenes and flavonoids as well as resin and natural oils production and maximizing the potential of every crop - Naturally.

After many years of experiments and fine tuning, Perfect Terps was released to the public in order to help farmers grow the finest crops, easier and cheaper.

Perfect Terps Fertilizer is a unique powder form slow release formula invented by a pioneering farmer in order to further perfect his cultivation methodology and be able to handle more grow space with less labor and lower maintenance costs. Perfect Terps was created by a farmer for farmers with a sustainable and conscious mindset and the idea in mind that farming should not be so complicated nor expensive. Simply add and mix with the top soil every 1-4 weeks or as much as your plants ask for and just add water! simplicity at it's best. Less for more!

The Perfect Terps team is happy to share this wonder that for us was a huge turning point and a life changing invention. We hope you will feel the same! Happy Gardening!

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The Perfect Team

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