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As a general rule of thumb, To use Perfect Terps Top Dress (mix into your top soil or inside the soil) Perfect Terps in a 0.5% to 2% of your growing medium (Soil or Coco), Where 0.5% is a mild dose and 2% is very high and normal is around 1%. For example, if you want to mix a normal dose and you have a 10 liter pot,  Mix 1% of 10 liter (100 ml) into the soil.

If yours plants need more than 8 weeks just keep the same schedule as the 8th week

If your plants do not flower just stay on Veg (vegetative) feeding.

For young seedlings it is best to use Perfect Terps only when they are 2 weeks+ old or so or when they get hungry for example - the round leaves around the bottom of the plants, also called Cotyledons, Lose color or become yellow. Seedlings are babies, Therefore it is recommended to be gentle with them.

The Perfect Terps feeding chart below
is calculated for Normal Dosage (1%):

PT Feed Chart 12.jpg
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